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AMA DC Inside Edition | Greg Kihlström, Yes& SVP Digital

Jo Joslin

On February 26th at this year's AMA DC Event, Greg Kihlstrom, Yes& SVP Digital, will discuss how brands who embrace agility and a nimble relationship with their customers are successful in a world of continual change. Here’s an inside look on Greg Kihlstrom: 

"What is your favorite part about being a digital strategist/creative director?"

My job is to continually learn about, evaluate, and try new things. I feel very fortunate to be paid to learn and be knowledgeable about the latest and greatest trends and tools out there, and to share my knowledge with others by speaking, writing, and consulting.

Tell us about some brands/people that you follow because you admire their work and feel inspired by them?

Netflix has been able to grow and remain a disruptor at three different stages in its existence. It's impressive for a company to do that even once.

Nike is a true innovator of the idea "brand as experience" with their Nike+ product which launched over a decade ago. More recently, they take a bold steps with featuring Colin Kaepernick in a campaign. It rang true because it was authentic to both Nike and many of its core customers' values.

Finally, I find some of the crowdfunding/crowdsourcing brands that have popped up to be pretty interesting. Betabrands, Firstbuild, and a few others are mentioned in my upcoming book I'll be releasing later this year.

What was the last book you read that left you feeling pumped up and full of ideas for your own work?

I'm currently reading a really interesting book, Farsighted by Steven Johnson, which discusses how we make complex decisions and offers advice on how to make better decisions. 

What is one piece of advice you'd offer to a marketer in this world of continual change?

The best way to make sure that you stay nimble enough to thrive in what I refer as an "agile world" is to learn a diverse amount of subjects and be wary of specializing too much. The broader understanding you have of your industry, the less subject to disruption or being a master of a skill that becomes obsolete you will be. Plus, with more diverse knowledge comes the ability to think more strategically and make connections that others may not see. That will help you grow into more of a strategic role versus staying more tactical.

Brands, now more than ever, must stick to their values while remaining flexible to their customer’s demands. Greg and a group of panelists from several different industries will talk about the challenges in becoming more agile, and in providing a valuable and holistic customer experience to consumers who are increasingly device-agnostic and empowered.

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Jo Joslin
Jo Joslin
Digital Marketing Strategist