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Public Relations B2G

Making a PR Splash for Marine Environmental Protection

Marine species are being trapped and entangled by derelict fishing gear, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) has granted over $1M for scuba divers to remove it to protect U.S. coastlines. Yes& has been working on behalf of NFWF to bring televised media coverage to the Gulf Coast, which resulted in NFWF being recognized with a prestigious Hermes award.

Caitlin Bowman

Marketing & PR Public Relations B2G

Why Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Activism are Important for Your B2B Brand

B2C brands aren’t the only ones expected to tackle Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Learn how consumer views on CSR are changing and what it means for B2B suppliers.

Alfred Warren

Yes& News Virtual Events

Tips for Virtual Speakers: Part 1

In this three part series, we’ll take a look at the best tips and tricks for setting up your speakers for success across the space, the presentation, and the tech. 

Sara Rassi

Yes& News Virtual Events

Tips for Virtual Speakers: Part 2

In this second blog of a three-part series, we’re looking at ways to support and guide speakers for virtual events. We first looked at the recommendations in and around the physical spaces of the speakers, so now let’s turn our attention to how they present online. 

Sara Rassi

Yes& News Virtual Events

Tips for Virtual Speakers: Part 3

This is our final blog of a three-part series where we’re looking at ways to support and guide speakers for virtual events. We’ve shared the tips and tricks for setting up their physical space and we’ve explored ways to guide them in presenting online. And perhaps, the most critical piece of preparing your speakers is the technology.

Sara Rassi

Yes& News Creative B2G

Yes& Helps Akima Win Prestigious Hermes Creative Award

Yes&’s creative work for Akima was recently honored with a Platinum Award for the 14th Annual Hermes Creative Awards.

Kay Logan

Yes& News Yes& General

Employees Embrace Activism Hours for Greater Good

Balancing social activism with unrelated full-time work has always been challenging. Rallies don’t only occur after business hours and commentary must come within hours of an event, not days. Those driven to make the world a better place make hard choices about working in activism around work hours, not to mention the worry that it may have a negative impact if the boss is unsupportive. 

Lisa Daniel

Yes& News B2G

AFCEA DC Rocks STEM Scholarships with Virtual Events

COVID-19 significantly disrupted the operations of organizations across the globe, and one industry hit extremely hard was the association community.

E.V. Dundon

Yes& News Marketing & PR

Yes& Promotes Two Senior-Level Agency Leaders to Vice President

In June Yes& promoted two veteran marketing communications professionals: A.J. Guenther, to Vice President of Public Relations; and Mark Pedersen, to Vice President of Marketing Strategy.

Jason Werden

Yes& News Marketing & PR

Lessons Learned from a Virtual Presser

Yes& was called upon to deliver this year’s 16th annual Chesapeake Bay Report Card during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the question was—how to generate media interest without a live media event?

Mike Smith

Yes& News Government

How the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Drove its Message Home

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 has kept people at home and off the roads. 

Jacqui Balogh

Digital Yes& General

3rd Party Cookies Are Going Away. Here are 4 Things You Need to Know

As you’ve likely heard, in January 2020, Google announced that they would be getting rid of the 3rd party cookie.  So what does this mean for marketers? Actually, what does this mean for everyone? 

Mark Pedersen

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