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Yes& Partners with Acquia to Provide Customer Experience Orchestration Technology for Marketers

Amy Ballard

Personalized customer experiences are proven to boost marketing results and increase revenue. Now, through an official partnership with leading digital experience provider Acquia, Yes& clients have access to powerful tools for customer journey creation, orchestration, and analytics.

“Data is crucial to delivering the performance we promise our clients,” comments Robert W. Sprague, President & CEO of Yes&, “but it can be a real challenge to bring disparate sources together in a way that really clarifies the customer journey. We are very proud that Acquia has chosen Yes& as its only partner agency for Journey and Lift in our verticals, and we’re looking forward to bringing these outstanding capabilities to our clients.”

Acquia Journey and Lift enable marketers to orchestrate a customer journey across channels to create personalized, seamless, branded customer experiences. When added to the Yes& suite of creative products—which now spans paid, earned, owned, and shared media—Journey and Lift will dramatically increase the ability of Yes& and its clients to optimize campaigns and track results with great precision.

Acquia has been working with Yes& predecessor agency Carousel30 for several years. Greg Kihlström, SVP Digital of Yes& and former CEO of Carousel30 says, “the modern customer experience demands a solution that allows integration and orchestration between data and systems to provide a seamless journey for the consumer. Acquia Journey’s orchestration capabilities, combined with the AI and personalization available in Acquia Lift provides just that. It’s a win-win for our clients.”

Acquia Journey is a journey orchestration solution that allows marketers to reach their customers with the “best next” content or interaction, regardless of how they connect. For Marketing and IT teams struggling to utilize content from disparate systems, it helps bridge siloed data from disparate martech to centralize customer data, allowing marketers to map and automate the delivery of personalized customer journeys.

Acquia Lift is a personalized content solution that makes it easy and fast for marketers to tailor digital experiences to specific audiences. Unlike other personalization solutions, Lift is the only single solution that combines ready-to-use content and rich customer data — empowering organizations to seamlessly target their audiences with experiences that drive engagement and bottom-line results.

Amy Ballard
Amy Ballard
Digital Marketing Strategist