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A Day In The Life as a Yes& Strategist

Andrew Teie

Teie, AndrewAndrew Teie, Yes& Vice President of Brand Strategy & Customer Experience shares about a day in the life working on the Yes& strategy team.

No two days are the same in the world of brand marketing—particularly a full-service agency like Yes& where we pride ourselves on tackling a wide array of challenges for a variety of clients and target audiences. We embrace these challenges with positivity (Yes) in order to unlock new possibilities (&) that take the brand to new heights.  

Our primary role as strategists is to develop an “informed opinion on how to win” (shoutout to Mark Pollard for that definition). “Informed” means that our strategies must be rooted in data and research. But “opinion” means that our insights and recommendations are creative exercises, using our intuition and perspectives to develop a point of view. 

On the Brand & Creative Strategy team at Yes&, we are involved across our capabilities—helping to shape the stories that our clients’ brands create: 

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Here’s how a day might play out for me at Yes&: 

Early Morning: 

I check my Inbox, attend our agile methodology daily check-in, and read up on some customer satisfaction survey results that an association client just shared with us—to help diagnose the client’s brand’s challenges—while I have my first two (or seven) cups of coffee.  

Late Morning: 

I join a virtual meeting with our Research team to discuss audience segmentation for one of our commercial clients, identifying who the brand’s target audiences are in order to inform how the brand should evolve. 

Early Afternoon: 

After lunch, I facilitate an &Storming session—our Yes& methodology for brainstorming rooted in design thinking and improv theater techniques—to come up with digital experience ideas for one of our government clients.  

Mid Afternoon: 

I join a call with our creative team to review creative concepts for a B2B client of ours for a campaign aimed at engaging a new business decision-maker audience with a new product launch. I have the creative brief on hand to make sure we are consistently keeping the target audience front and center in our minds and to ensure the creative work overcomes the communications challenge we need to address. 

Late Afternoon: 

In partnership with our media & marketing strategy team, we lead a KPI work session with a nonprofit client of ours to map out the key metrics that we will track and optimize to achieve our desired outcomes across the customer journey. 

For me, working as a strategist at Yes& is the perfect blend of research, creativity, analytical thinking, and meaningful work with our clients—and together at the agency. If you’re looking for something similar in your day-to-day, check out our open positions at Yes&—you never know what opportunities lie ahead!  

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Andrew Teie
Andrew Teie
VP, Brand Strategy and Customer Experience