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ALS Awareness Month: Inspiring Hope

Stuart Granger

The Washington, D.C., area is home to around 3,500 associations, representing a dizzying array of industries, interests, and philanthropic causes. At Yes&, we’re blessed with a rich and diverse tapestry of association clients, each with its own unique mission, purpose, and promise. 

On a personal level, the opportunity to gain expertise in so many different fields makes working here so rewarding. I’ve worked with many such organizations during my decade in Washington, but few are as close to my heart as the ALS Association.  

The Ice Bucket Challenge was a lightning-in-a-bottle campaign that captured people’s imagination   across the world. What I admire most about the ALS Association is what happened next. It took the millions of dollars raised by everyone from big celebrities to small donors and invested them wisely and sustainably.  

The ALS Association is now the world’s largest funder of ALS research. It has also established a nationwide network of multidisciplinary clinics that provide world-class support for people living with the disease. The association continues to advocate for better policies, while driving awareness outside the ALS community, and inspiring hope for a future without ALS.   

I work with the ALS Association across multiple projects and campaigns, but the one I look forward to most is ALS Awareness Month in May. It is always an honor to work on this campaign, providing strategy and creative to increase awareness, drive advocacy, and ensure that those living with the disease know they never have to do it alone.  

We’re now at the part of a typical blog where deliverables are divulged, success metrics are shared, and trumpets are blown. But ALS Awareness Month isn’t about us. It’s about the ALS community coming together to raise awareness of the disease and show support for those living with ALS, their families,  frontline care providers, and the scientists working tirelessly towards a cure. 

Next month, we’ll share details of an exciting new ALS Association project that’s been two years in the making.  

But for now, we’d love you to click below and join the fight for a world without ALS.

May is ALS Awareness Month.


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Stuart Granger
Stuart Granger
Director of Creative Strategy