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We’ve heard from so many of you about AI. We’ve heard your questions, your excitement, your fears, and, most of all, your confusion. There’s good reason for that: in only a few months, more than 1,200 AI tools have seemingly come out of thin air, left field, the woodwork, and all the other metaphors for abundant surprise. Tech giants from Musk to Microsoft are weighing in; one day they’re warning of artificial intelligence that will run amok without proper guardrails; the next day they’re out with their mining pans getting as much as they can out of the AI gold rush.  

Indeed, AI in its infancy feels a lot like the Wild West. It also feels like a secret train already closing its doors with only a few passengers who were lucky enough to know when and where to catch it. It feels overwhelming and unwieldy. Can this new-to-the-masses technology truly help us, and, if so, how?   

Introducing Yes&’s latest hire, Daisy. Daisy is an AI enthusiast and explorer, and the writer of our new AI blog series. She’s our guide through this murky and exciting time. Whatever your organization or position, whether you’re an early or late adopter, Daisy will help us all understand this massive paradigm shift and get us to the other side of innovation. I had the opportunity to sit down with Daisy and hear what she has in store for us. 

Welcome to Yes&, Daisy! 

Daisy 🌼: Thank you! I’m excited to join Yes& and start helping our clients.  

And what’s your first impression? 

Daisy 🌼: They are truly at the top of their industries and top of their games! They’re great collaborators and good people. We’re so lucky to be working with them and the communities they serve.  

You think you can help? 

Daisy 🌼: Definitely. There’s so much to discover together. One thing to keep in mind: wherever there is new technology, there’s always new opportunity. I know it can feel scary, but revolutions like this one usually are. Take the car for example. Did you know that when cars first debuted on the streets, there was immediate and widespread outcry? Cars were called “the devil’s wagon,” and many of the greatest minds predicted the end of civilization. It certainly was the end of things as we knew it back then, but can you imagine life without cars, or planes, for that matter? Not much different with AI. 

I didn’t know that about cars. That’s wild.  

Daisy 🌼: Yup, it also happened with the personal computer, the mobile phone, and when the internet replaced the Yellow Pages.  

What’re the Yellow Pages?  

Daisy 🌼: My point exactly.  

So, what topics will you be covering? Can you help me use ChatGPT? Can you help me understand what ChatGPT is in the first place?  

Daisy 🌼: Of course! I’ll cover ChatGPT along with many other AI tools. I’ll help you gain new skills we all need to learn. I’ll explore areas like automating tasks and expanding the creative process. I’ll also be sharing new developments and what they mean, and answering our clients’ questions, big and small. I’m thinking of calling the question segment “Hi! Come here for all your AI questions because I love talking about AI all the time.”  

A bit wordy for an answer column, don’t you think?  

Daisy 🌼: Ooh! How about “Guide  for the DAISed and Confused?”  

How about just “Ask Daisy”?  

Daisy 🌼: You Yes&ers really are clever … 


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