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Campaign Conversations: Creating Personal Experiences Through Creative


In part one of our "Campaign Conversations" series, we introduced you to the member acquisition campaign our agency launched for AMADC, the DC chapter of the American Marketing Association. To refresh, our agency created a digital-focused member acquisition campaign to strengthen the perception of AMADC amongst local brands, corporations, and influencers.

Today, we’re going to dive into the thought process and execution behind the campaign’s creative and messaging. 

But, let’s first take a big step back. 

A lot has happened for marketers since the start of the pandemic. Digital transformation escalated how we communicate. New platforms exploded, consumer expectations shifted, and authentic, empathetic marketing became more important than ever. 

Through it all, marketers needed to be connected. To each other. To their clients. To their communities. Following a round of research and discovery, we learned that AMADC is a driver of this connection. Members find immense value in AMADC’s events, outreach, and insights that help them engage with a community that may otherwise be difficult to reach. 

This is where the campaign’s creative concept “DC Connected” was born. Despite marketers being spread out across the country, DC marketers are still connected through AMADC. 

 MicrosoftTeams-image (27)


Visually, the campaign starts with key images of the DC/MD/VA areas to emphasize AMADC’s strong community roots. Local viewers will recognize the iconic DC row houses, Pennsylvania Avenue, and glass pyramids from the National Gallery of Art. Images were carefully selected to position AMADC as an essential hub for marketers in the region.

Colored lines display the networking opportunities available for marketers at all stages of their career. AMADC can be both local and far-reaching, which is represented through illustrated devices, emails, and social media icons. 

Audience personas were the driving force behind our creative execution. We wanted to capture the experience members have when they interact with the brand. We used headshots of real AMADC members to show the importance of the individual. Each member is unique, and AMADC connects them to each other, to the community, and to educational resources.

The landing page copy ties the creative to the campaign theme.

It’s short, simple, clean, and neat:

Virtual doesn’t mean disconnected. AMADC is now stronger than ever before.

All creative and messaging were developed to fall in line with the larger American Marketing Association brand –– however, the custom images and “DC Connected” copy ensure audiences know this is a DC chapter-specific campaign. 

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