Five Fresh Minds at the Yes& Table

Sarah Luzietti

Yes& has reinforced our team with outstanding new talent. We’re pleased to welcome aboard five new contributors to various departments throughout our agency. Widening the perspective and bringing fresh ideas to the table is how we keep things current and compelling. Welcome Tara, Hillary, Lindsay, Caitlin and Jenny.


Tara Fountain

Meet Tara: Event Coordinator

A recent Northeastern University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Tara Fish joins Yes& as an Event Coordinator. She’s excited to be working as the AFCEA DC Registrar. 




Meet Hillary: Customer Experience StrategistHIllary Fountain

Hillary Leersnyder graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in Marketing, concentrating in Innovation, Design, & Entrepreneurship, and a minor in theater. She now gets to use those creative thinking skills as the Customer Experience Strategist at Yes&.



Meet Lindsay: Event CoordinatorLindsey Fountain

With a degree in Advertising and a Minor in Event Management from the University of Florida, Lindsay Gowens is a welcome addition to the Yes& Event Team. As an Event Coordinator, she assists with logistics, association management and marketing communications for client events.



Meet Caitlin: PR Account CoordinatorCaitlin Fountain

Caitlin Bowman graduated from The Pennsylvania State University (#WEARE) where she earned a degree in Communication and Digital Media Trends and Analytics. Yes& welcomes her as a PR Account Coordinator where she works with clients such as NFWF, HEAR Congo, and TwoHat.



Meet Jenny: InternJenny Fountain

Jenny Muchnikoff is a senior at George Mason University graduating with a B.A. in Communications with concentrations in Journalism and Public Relations and a minor in Russian. As a Yes& Intern, she works with NFWF and other environmental clients to promote the protection of species and watersheds throughout the country.


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Sarah Luzietti
Sarah Luzietti