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New Book By Yes& SVP Digital Greg Kihlström Discusses the Evolving Relationship Between Brand and Consumer

Amy Ballard

Brands have evolved over centuries from simple tools for recognition to something much more nuanced and sophisticated in the modern age. Being an agile brand means taking part in a relationship with consumers. While this means giving up some control over your brand, it rewards you with loyal long-term customers. Yes& SVP Digital Greg Kihlström’s new book, The Agile Brand, follows the story of branding from its beginnings to the authentic relationship with brands that modern consumers want, and gives practical examples of what you can do to modernize your brand in meaningful ways. “In my work at Yes&, I see the shifting consumer landscape and how it is affecting the dynamics between customers and the brands they choose to support,” says Kihlstrom. “This book discusses how successful organizations have embraced a two-way relationship with consumers and a more agile approach to growth.”

The Agile Brand is Greg Kihlström’s follow up to The Agile Web (2016), which explored how the agile methodology, when applied properly to digital marketing and website design, can create dramatic improvements in their efforts. In his follow-up, Kihlström explores how brands that embrace consumer feedback and form a reciprocal relationship with them prosper in the modern era of marketing.

“I have seen too many CMOs take a ‘rinse and repeat’ approach to branding. They lean on their past successes to create the future, only to become irrelevant. The Agile Brand offers marketing leaders a break from the past. It showcases how juggernauts such as Netflix and Starbucks are embracing continual change, and rewriting the rules between brands and customers. Kihlström demonstrates how the brand of the future must allow customers to feel a sense of brand ownership while staying true to their values that make it authentic. That’s the true essence of mindful marketing.”

—Lisa Nirell, award-winning author of The Mindful Marketer, speaker, and founder of EnergizeGrowth® LLC

The book features a foreword by Yes& President and CEO, Robert Sprague. The Agile Brand is available in print and as an ebook from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and as an ebook from Apple Books. For more information about Greg Kihlström visit his bio on the Yes& Website.

Learn more about The Agile Brand by Yes& SVP Digital Greg Kihlström

Amy Ballard
Amy Ballard
Digital Marketing Strategist

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