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How Companies Can Celebrate Women’s History Month Every Day


On Valentine’s Day, we send flowers or chocolates to make our partners, families, and friends feel a little more loved. On Mother’s Day, we write heartwarming cards to tell our mothers, grandmothers, or any female influence in our lives how much they are appreciated. Holidays are intended to allow us to celebrate or commemorate an event or the people in our lives, but why should we leave it up to one day in the year to let the people around us know how much they are appreciated?   

March marks the beginning of Women’s History Month, a month to recognize the courage and contributions of women everywhere who have used their voices to fight for what they believe in. It wasn’t until 1920, just over a century ago, that legislation was passed to provide women with employment opportunities and the chance to step outside of their domestic spheres.   

While women have come a long way since 1920, there is still ways to go. Women only make up 5% of the CEOs appointed globally in 2020, and a majority of women say that the biggest obstacle to gender equity at the workplace is the lack of information on how to advance.   

Diversity drives innovation. At Yes&, we are better prepared to create and innovate by having a diverse staff in terms of perspectives and life experiences. Prioritizing the inclusion of women in the workplace provides opportunities for women to strive for and achieve long-term career goals. A diversified business environment not only allows employers to take advantage of unique ideas and experiences but it contributes to better overall employee success.   

This Women’s History Month, it’s important for companies to celebrate and say “yes” to the women in their offices, not just throughout the month but daily. Here’s how:   


Celebrate the history of achievements of women in your organization, industry, and community.  

Behind every company is an exciting origin story, and there are usually women involved. Encourage employees to learn about the history of your company and the achievements of women in your organization, industry, and community. Be sure to commemorate the women of the past, present, and future by sharing their stories in company newsletters, on your company website, and internally throughout your company.  

Support young women through mentorship.  

A majority of people in high school and college don’t have a clear sense of what they want to do in the future. Creating opportunities for employees to mentor is a way to inspire and encourage young women to discover their passions and achieve their career-oriented goals. By offering professional guidance and sharing personal experiences, your company can help the next generation of women prepare for successful careers.  

Encourage employees to volunteer and donate to local women’s organizations.  

Volunteering and donating to local women’s organizations is a great way for employees to get involved in their own community. Encourage employees to reach out to different organizations to see if there’s any way to help, whether it’s taking part in a company-wide volunteer day or donating funds.    

It starts with saying “yes,” or what we like to call “Yes-ence.” Say yes to celebrating the history of achievements of women in your organization. Say yes to supporting young women through mentorship to help them fulfill their future career goals. Say yes to encouraging employees to volunteer and donate to local women’s organizations. Use this Women’s History Month as a reminder to say yes to women every day.  

It doesn’t have to be a holiday to celebrate the people you appreciate, and we've progressed far beyond 1920, but there is still work to be done. Normalize celebrating Women’s History Month every day by prioritizing the inclusion of women in the workplace because that is something worth celebrating.  

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