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Federal Advisory Boards | An Extension of Your Leadership Team

Carmel McDonagh

Every company in the Federal IT space wants that competitive edge. Imagine extending your leadership team by engaging a dedicated group of former government IT executives with decades of experience. These advisers not only provide strategic direction but also share advice on planning, opportunities, and capture management.

Think of all the insights you could leverage from a Federal Advisory Board comprised of members specifically selected for their work experience and insider knowledge of Federal IT. Collaboration with a board can influence much more than the way you present your brand and capabilities in the marketplace— it can also help you produce tangible results for your business development and marketing teams. Here are a few ways a Federal Advisory Board’s collective expertise could be leveraged:

Scenario 1: You need feedback on your go-to-market strategy. No one outside your marketing department and executive team has seen it, and you really need that outside opinion.

Scenario 2: You need to connect with influencers in a particular agency as part of your account-based marketing strategy, but you want to make sure you approach those key targets in a way that will engage them.

Scenario 3: Your team has waited months to have the most important new business meeting of the year with a key agency, but you’re not 100% sure of the approach you’ll take. Because you have a limited amount of time, you need guidance and ideas from people who have been in that exact position and listened to those pitches.

Yes& currently manages Advisory Boards for Dell, Intel and many other leading providers of technology services to the government. These boards, which include former CIOs and senior leadership from a variety of Federal defense and civilian agencies meet regularly to ensure effective communication between all parties, and play a key role in implementing a leadership team’s vision.

Committed to building a growth strategy? Looking for that secret ingredient to success in the B2G marketplace? Consider creating a Federal Advisory Board. There are myriad ways to fund a federal advisory board so that it doesn’t soak up your entire marketing budget. So if you’re interested in learning more about the Yes& approach to the creation of these boards, or would like to have an informal brainstorming session to see how a Federal Advisory Board could benefit your leadership team, please contact Carmel McDonagh at

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Carmel McDonagh
Carmel McDonagh
VP, B2G Account Management