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GAIN 2023 is Tomorrow!


keep an eye out for these takeaways at gain 2023

Government Marketing University’s (GMarkU) GAIN 2023 Conference is the premier conference for government marketers – and it’s less than a day away! There is still time to secure your spot, but you may find yourself wondering what to expect at this year’s conference. Well, aside from a stellar sense of community and an open forum to share your ideas and experiences with your fellow government marketers, here are a few key takeaways you will not want to miss:


GAIN a full picture of what artificial intelligence (AI) can do for your government marketing strategy

This year’s keynote speaker, Paul Roetzer, Founder and CEO of Marketing AI Institute, will be sharing invaluable insights with attendees into the ways AI is advancing what’s possible with technology and ushering in the next generation of government marketers. Paul will dive into the wealth of opportunities AI provides for government marketers looking to deliver the personalization their audiences expect, unlock a deeper level of creativity, and drive unmatched efficiency and performance. The marketing world is going to continue getting smarter and the time is now to get a handle on understanding, piloting, and scaling AI so you and your team can stay ahead of the curve.

In this session, the specific learning objectives Paul will cover include what AI is and why it matters to government marketers, why generative AI is transforming marketing and creativity, how to identify AI use cases and evaluate vendors, what outcomes AI can help you achieve, and how to prepare your team to pilot and scale AI. The future of government marketing is marketer + machine and that future is now!


GAIN ideas for improving your communications with public sector prospects

At this year’s conference, attendees will have the unique experience to hear from a government communicator who has walked the halls of both government and industry throughout her career. Adrienne Cox, Senior Marketing Communications Advisor for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, will share her perspective on a myriad of topics that should be top-of-mind for government marketers. What better way to learn how to market your products and services to the public sector than to hear directly from someone with insider knowledge?

During her fireside chat, Adrienne will share insights into how government marketers can break through the clutter to share their offerings with federal prospects, the “dos” and “do nots” of delivering marketing campaigns to government leaders, and what silver bullets can be used. She will also touch on how to best grab the attention of government attendees at future conferences, what conferences she recommends attending, and how to creatively use storytelling, video, and audio to help “level up” your government marketing message. You do not want to miss the opportunity to learn from Adrienne!


GAIN a deeper understanding of the federal buying journey

All government marketers can likely agree, the government acquisition process is a complicated journey that involves many lengthy steps and unique personas. Business-to-government marketers need a foundational understanding of who is involved in the process, what actions these individuals are likely to take, and when and how to engage with them throughout the journey. At GAIN 2023, attendees will have a chance to hear from Guy Timberlake, Chief Executive Visionary and Co-founder of the American Small Business Coalition (ASBC), on how to gain mastery over this convoluted process.

After Guy’s session, attendees will be equipped with a better understanding of the federal buying journey and how to maximize their effectiveness as a marketer along said journey. If you join us, you may even leave with the confidence to train your colleagues when you get back to the office!


GAIN inspiration as GMarkU honors government marketing excellence at the GAINer Awards

Each year, the GAIN conference concludes with an inspiring celebration of government marketing excellence at the GAINer awards. This year, GMarkU will continue this tradition by recognizing individuals and teams that have exhibited superior performance across eight categories including brand awareness, events, innovation, lead generation, lifetime achievement, partner marketing, public relations, and social media. Be sure to stick around for this program as well as the post-awards cocktail reception for one last chance to network with your fellow GAINers!


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