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Trick or Treat: Don’t Let a Rebrand Scare You


So, you’re considering rebranding your organization.
Don’t be scared!

Fear of change is real and starting a rebrand for your organization may seem daunting. But a rebrand can be an exhilarating journey of discovery, with potential to become the best decision you’ve ever made for your organization.

Rebranding is not just about a logo or name change; it’s about reimagining your organization’s purpose and presence to reflect your current values and mission. Sometimes a full rebrand isn’t needed, but rather a brand refresh. Perhaps an organization knows themselves very well, but they haven’t managed to fully express it. Both opportunities are a chance to refine your narrative, connect deeply with your audience, and position your organization for a successful future.

In the spirit of Halloween, our brand strategy team unveils some tricks and treats to help guide you through some of those potentially scary moments during a rebranding.  


What is one thing to avoid/a “don’t” during a rebrand?

🍭Treat 🍭: 
What is one thing you SHOULD do?


Teie, Andrew (1)Andrew Teie,
Vice President, Brand Strategy & Customer Experience

❌Trick❌: Don't underestimate the institutional knowledge that exists within (and around) your organization. Line up conversations with varied internal and external decision influencers who represent the multi-faceted viewpoints, opinions, and requirements that an evolved brand must account for. Even with limited access for reaching, researching, and speaking with your target audience directly, the people who live and breathe the brand every day can provide a ton of value in understanding the brand’s audiences.

🍭Treat 🍭: Ensure you thoroughly unpack the heart of the challenge. What does the brand need to achieve? What is standing in the way of that goal, and why do those barriers exist? What audience behaviors or perceptions do we need to overcome? Understanding the human truths behind what your audience feels and does is essential to determining how your brand can meet (and exceed) their needs.


Murtha, Logan headshot (1)Logan Murtha,
Creative Strategy Manager 

❌Trick❌: Don’t let the brand get too far ahead of the business. Your brand story should be, more than anything, true. Yes, there’s room for aspirational statements, especially in the vision—but root your brand in reality. Promises made should be promises kept. Align on the direction of your business before asking how the brand can help you get there—your agency partners can help guide those conversations!

🍭Treat 🍭:  Treat the brand as a living promise. Once it’s launched, continue the conversation with your audiences, and constantly consider how the brand reflects their evolving needs. The interactions audiences have with your brand daily add new layers of meaning and value. Your core tenets—mission, vision, values—should be able to guide decisions, serving as your North Star.


Anna GerdesAnna Gerdes,
Yes& Junior Strategist

❌Trick❌: Inconsistency: It’s important to maintain consistency across all brand touchpoints because inconsistency can confuse customers and dilute brand impact.

 🍭Treat 🍭:  Involve leadership in the process: Gather feedback and insights from employees, customers, and key decision-makers.


Charlotte Carr-1Charlotte Carr,
Yes& Creative Strategist

❌Trick❌: Don’t neglect User Experience (UX) design; focusing solely on aesthetics and not on usability can create a disconnect between your brand and your audience.

🍭Treat 🍭: Prioritize user-centric principles in your visual identity rebrand. This way, you can ensure that your brand’s visuals not only look good but also create a seamless and engaging experience for your audience!





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