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Yes& Named #1 Largest Visual Art and Design Firm in Greater Washington D.C.


On March 18, 2022, Yes& was recognized as the #1 Largest Visual Art and Design Firm in Greater Washington D.C. by the Washington Business Journal. This recognition as a top agency in the region reflects a year of significant growth for Yes&, bolstered by business development success, award-winning creative, and strategic acquisitions to meet the expanding needs of clients.  

Yes& has been consistently recognized by the Washington Business Journal in its annual Book of Lists, with the announcement of its 2021 ranking as the #1 Largest Visual Art and Design Firm demonstrating the agency’s impressive increase in metro-area revenue by more than 200% in just one year. 

Yes& is home to a robust team of leading creative strategists and designers, offering clients focused attention to solve business challenges that cross marketing, branding, digital, events, public relations, and more. Already in 2022, Yes& has received more than 20 awards for its creative campaign work for clients including FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program, DCAA, and the Carpenter’s Shelter in Alexandria.  

“In a region with so many outstanding agencies, it’s very exciting to get this recognition for our visual art and design work,” says Robert Sprague, President & CEO of Yes&. “The credit goes to our clients, who have given us so many fantastic opportunities to grow with them in recent years.” 

In order to meet the increasing demand from clients, Yes& expanded its team in 2021 through the acquisition of: Boldr Strategic Consulting, Beyond Definition, and P’unk Avenue. With an augmented suite of services that captures digital transformation, brand strategy, publication design, and website development, Yes& has extended its ability to help clients unleash their brand’s potential through integrated creative and marketing services. 

Yes& is the Washington, DC-based marketing agency that brings commercial, association, and government clients the unlimited power of “&” – using a full suite of branding, digital, event, marketing, public relations, and creative capabilities to deliver meaningful and measurable results.

Let’s talk about what the power of "&" can do for you.


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Yes& (formerly Beyond Definition) was recently named a Merit Winner by SPD for its 57th Annual Winners List. Yes& is proud to be recognized by the prestigious competition for its design of the “Chew on This” feature opener in the October 2021 issue of NACS Magazine.

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Anna-Marie Montague

Be Appealing, Distinctive – and, Above All, Authentic

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Mike Smith

Creating Connections between PIO’s and Press Breaking down barriers between public information officers (PIO) and the working press can sometimes seem daunting. It doesn’t need to be. The Society of Environmental Journalists conference in Houston, TX brought together the best environmental reporters and leading policy leaders. The conference also attracted leading non-profit organizations like Environmental Defense Fund, Friends of the Earth and The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Several Biden Administration officials served as panelists and educators at SEJ. Attending PIOs were truly able to meet, mingle and provide context for their important jobs in this enviro-driven Administration. Working together, attending field-based education events, kayaking trips on local rivers and field trips to Houston Zoo to look at endangered species, journalists and officials unified. Barriers to conversation quickly dropped. Two notable panels of the event involved the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The first panel was proctored by Washington Post Environmental Justice Reporter Darryl Fears, who has served as the lead environmental correspondent for some 20 years. The second panel on Environmental Justice addressed the stark “cancer alley” health concerns of Louisiana and Texas; industrial pollution which impacts diverse or multicultural communities in disproportionate number; and how EPA is standing up Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) communications within its own ranks.

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Lara Mandell

The past two years have been challenging for association membership programs. When the pandemic hit, the entire nation was forced to shift their regular schedules to a life working from home. In-person meetings were moved to online platforms and everyday business lunches that employees looked forward to were no longer possible. The working world went remote, and managers were at a loss for how to communicate with and manage their employees.