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Mark Pedersen Talks Native Advertising in Washington Business Journal

Robert Sprague

Yes& Director of Marketing Strategy Mark Pedersen was quoted in the Washington Business Journal speaking about native advertising.

Yes& Director of Marketing Strategy Mark Pedersen was quoted in the Washington Business Journal speaking about native advertising (“This is a genuine article about sponsored articles” by Carolyn M. Proctor August 2, 2019). 


Mark leans against this form of advertising, because the semi-deceptive nature of articles that appear to be editorial but are in fact marketing drives traffic that is not of the highest quality.

“A ton of clicks is not valuable if the average duration is less than the time it takes to read the headline,” Mark is quoted as saying.  “My experience shows better and more measurable results by directly promoting the right content, to the right people, during the right phase of the customer journey.”

As an example of effective targeted advertising the article reproduces screenshots of a Choice Hotels campaign for EconoLodge by Yes& that directly targets outdoors enthusiasts with relevant content.  WBJ subscribers can read the whole article here


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Robert Sprague

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