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PSHRA: Redefining a brand strategy and visual identity

Stuart Granger

The world of work has evolved dramatically. Workplace trends that were already bubbling under the surface were accelerated by the pandemic and brought into even sharper focus during the Great Resignation.   

Among the chaos and uncertainty, Human Resources found themselves in the eye of the storm, tasked with solving complex challenges that went way beyond their past duties. Today, HR professionals play a pivotal role in driving culture, inclusion, and purpose within their organizations.   Screen Shot 2023-03-03 at 10.21.25 AM

As the leading public sector HR association in the world, IPMA-HR identified the need to evolve to meet this new paradigm. Yes& was invited to help them redefine their brand strategy and visual identity at this inflection point in the HR profession.   

PSHRA-Campaign-Social-IG-OfficeOur research identified impact and purpose as key emotional drivers across multiple audiences. These became the cornerstones of their brand, guiding us in the development of a new vision of making public sector work better. This reflected the role that those working in public sector HR have in not only creating better workplaces, but also elevating the overall efficacy of the public sector and the impact this makes on the communities they serve.  

This vision was supported by a mission to empower public sector HR professionals to create better places to work for those who serve the public good. We also recommended a name change, moving away from a long and nebulous acronym to a shorter, more memorable name that brought clarity and close connection to the work they do. 

We pitched an anthem video that eschewed the typical tub-thumping in favor of celebrating the public sector workers that keep our neighborhoods moving forward. This impact story reflected the heart of the brand and captured the imagination of the client, and additional budget was found to bring it to life. 

The Public Sector Human Resources Association (PSHRA) formally launched in January 2023, with the new brand and name receiving unilateral support among chapter leaders, members, and stakeholders.  

We often see association brands who have very insular aspirations. Their vision is often to be the “leading authority” or the “gold standard.” It’s a fine goal for the organization, but it’s also a missed opportunity to inspire their members through speaking about the impact they make on the world. But those who can shift their vision from being the best association in the world to being the best association for the world can unite and galvanize members around a common purpose, remind them of the importance of the work they do, and provide a platform that not only attracts new members but encourages others to enter the field.

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Stuart Granger
Stuart Granger
Director of Creative Strategy