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Part 2: Effective Social Strategy for a Challenging Digital Environment

Nicole Glueckert

Recently, Yes& summarized some of the dramatic changes 2022 brought to the social landscape. This month, we weigh in on how marketers should adjust their strategies given recent changes affecting Meta platforms, Twitter, and TikTok.  

Most digital marketers should not be surprised by any of the news summarized. A true dynamic content strategy has subject matter experts at the helm of channel management who stay up to date on the latest changes. They also lead conversations in content strategies while making necessary adjustments according to the algorithms. For each of these platforms, there are some key learnings to focus on.   

For marketers using Meta, paid advertising is a major player in reaching target audiences on Facebook and Instagram. But with Meta pulling back on targeting options, the strategy for many has been to create lookalike audiences using in-house customer data. This is typically what even Meta account representatives will tell you to do to combat their limitations.  

While organic reach is limited for branded pages, some features still see significant organic reach when an audience has been established, such as Instagram and Facebook Stories and Facebook Groups. So, it is best to keep an eye on emerging features the algorithm plays favorites toward in early stages, while they continue to test and enhance their user experiences.   

Twitter has been, and likely will continue to be, the top social network for real-time news and updates. For marketers in industries such as sports and entertainment, news and media, and others that require real-time updates for their audiences, it will remain a vital space. However, marketers must play close attention to changing perceptions of credibility due to the paid subscriptions for verified blue check marks. For example, someone can now create a profile that looks like an established brand, pay for a verification checkmark, and immediately trick users into believing they are the voice of the brand. Because of this, credibility and safety are serious concerns.  

Similarly, Twitter has not made changes to the platform’s terms and conditions, so marketers should keep that in mind if they run into extreme issues. Trademarking logos and providing official website links in your profiles are two ways (that are backed by site policies) to safeguard your brand in response to imposters or fakes. Not to mention, you can still report impersonators or abusive users using the established rules against targeted language and harassment.  

TikTok presents a new challenge for marketers looking to reach Gen Z and younger millennial audiences. Its rapid adoption since 2020 follows the pattern of other channels, such as Instagram, and there are learnings to take from it. First, content should be tailored to fit within the space. There are entire books dedicated to this topic, but what marketers need to remember is video content should be made specifically for TikTok and not cut-downs of existing content if you want to organically win within the complicated algorithm. Trending sounds and music also will help.  

TikTok is also poised to become a major player for advertising dollars in the new year. It has officially launched a full Business Manager desktop application, so marketers can start creating waves of awareness on boosted content and then leverage the algorithm with matching organic content. This strategy, for now, is the best-known key to continue momentum and grow audiences for established brands.  

All in all, strategies are meant to shift, and even with major changes to channels that we’ve trusted for years, marketers should never have all their eggs in one basket. It is important to have quality channels, but give priority to each platform your specific audience finds valuable. With that in mind, continue to plan your strategies around the adage that the only constant is change.  

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Nicole Glueckert
Director of Integrated Marketing and Channel Strategy