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Tips for Virtual Speakers: Part 3

Sara Rassi

This is our final blog of a three-part series where we’re looking at ways to support and guide speakers for virtual events. We’ve shared the tips and tricks for setting up their physical space and we’ve explored ways to guide them in presenting online. And perhaps, the most critical piece of preparing your speakers is the technology.


The Tech


Technology might be your biggest wild card of all. Chances are when speakers show up to a live event, they don’t have to worry about much onsite because your AV team is there to support. The opposite couldn’t be more true for a virtual event. There are several things to consider:

Internet Connection

Hard-wired internet is preferable, so speakers will need that funky cable they probably haven’t used in years...and they might need a special dongle on top of that. But it’s worth it if they can. Otherwise, a stable and robust WIFI is required. Advise them to kick off families, roommates, and pets offline to increase the connection’s quality and stability.


You want them to avoid using older devices, if possible. The camera and memory are going to impact the quality of the video. If you work with a virtual events producer, they can offer speaker kits which include higher quality cameras and microphones.


Assuming you don’t have access to a speakers kit, using headphones will help drown out background noise as well as help their voice carry through the device better. Smaller, wireless headphones will have a more streamlined look.

Virtual Background

Virtual backgrounds can be fun, but people can get carried away. The background for a friend's happy hour is probably not the same one you'd want them to use for your event. You can either ask them to not use a virtual background, provide them with a branded background (to promote the event or sponsors), or give them the option of using one (but ask to see it first).

These are just some of the tips that can help set your speakers up for success. We’ve created a downloadable tip sheet to have on hand and give directly to your speakers. Ultimately, there’s a lot of things to coordinate and having a virtual events producer like Yes& can help provide you the support, creative expertise, and technical know-how to pull off a professional virtual event.

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Sara Rassi
Sara Rassi
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