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Board Members in New Places: Why Easterseals DC MD VA Looked to Josh Golden

Robert W. Sprague

Charities and not-for-profits typically draw their Boards from the ranks of long-time volunteers and donors.  Board members are rightly valued for their commitment, their financial acumen, their connections, and their ability to raise money. Why would a charity like Easterseals DC MD VA break the mold and elect an advertising agency creative director to its Board?

“Particularly in this area, there are a lot of organizations competing for the same resources,” says Josh Golden, SVP and Senior Creative Director at Yes&, and a member of the Easterseals DC MD VA Board of Directors. “In the fight for finance and fundraising, it’s the core, it’s the heart of what an organization does that sets them apart.  And I think what they recognized in me was a deep knowledge of who they are, and why they are, and the niche they can carve out in the marketplace.”Easterseals

Easterseals has long valued demographic diversity and inclusion on its Board, knowing that a variety of backgrounds improves decision making and helps to engage new audiences. Now Easterseals stands to benefit from Josh’s professional experience and skills, and disciplines often underrepresented in the volunteer leadership community.

Josh’s colleagues on the Board are a who’s who of DC-area banking, consulting, technology, law, and business executives. Many have served Easterseals for many years. Nevertheless—recognizing the changing needs of a forward-looking charity—they have welcomed Josh and his unusual perspective.

“I’m not a specialist in disability services – that’s what Easterseals does.  I’m not a specialist in fundraising, many of the Board are,” he adds. “What I am is passionate about what Easterseals does, and an expert in marketing, and brand, and storytelling, and connecting dots that others won’t.”

Yes& has provided event production in support of the annual Easterseals Advocacy Awards Dinner since 2015.  This year’s event is April 29 at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. With Josh’s services provided as an in-kind donation, Yes& is proud to support his service to the Easterseals Board of Directors.


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Robert W. Sprague
Robert W. Sprague
President & CEO

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