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A Day In the Life of a Yes& Human Resources Coordinator

Casey Dillon

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My name is Casey Dillon, I’m an HR (Human Resources) Coordinator and one of Yes&’s newest hires. I attended the University of New Hampshire, majoring in Communication: Business Applications, and joined Yes& as an intern in 2022. My mentor, Ebony, was super flexible with my school schedule and supported me throughout my senior year. The HR Operations  (HROPS) team challenged and trusted me to try new things and get my hands on projects. It was not a “fluff” internship; I learned a great amount and grew even more interested in the HR field. I  joined the team full-time in May of 2023 as an HR Coordinator. My transition was seamless, and everything is going great!   


Every day looks a little different, but each week I have some recurring tasks to complete. If we have a new hire coming on board, I often work to get them onboarded and their meetings scheduled.   



I typically start each day with a 1:1 meeting with my manager. After that, I will onboard a new hire and welcome them to the company with our New Hire Orientation. My favorite part of what I do is getting to meet and welcome all the new team members, and introduce them to the amazing organization that we are. I check in with the new hires throughout the week, answering any questions they may have and guiding them as they get settled.   



Throughout the week, I work on getting our next new hire(s) onboarded and ready for their start date. I gather all the necessary items, coordinate with the individual and their manager to create an onboarding schedule, and complete the back-end HR tasks to get them set up. It’s quite a lengthy check-list to tackle before the new employee even has their first day at work. 

I schedule all staff meetings and workstream meetings. Other weekly tasks are managing performance reviews, coordinating freelance/contracting agreements across all departments, and coordinating the off boarding process for departing team members.   



On Wednesdays, my team starts off the day with an HROPS x Leadership meeting, where we connect with the executive team on the status of ongoing projects. Before we dive straight into discussing work, we take a few minutes to catch up with each other, while having some friendly competition over the New York Times game, “Connections.”  Since we primarily work remotely, it’s important for us to take moments like this to have some fun and get to know one another.  



During my midday blocks I try to get outside for a walk to help split up my day. I come back energized, clear-minded, and ready for the second half of the day.   



Now that I run the Yes&tern program, I attend all programming meetings. It feels like I’ve come full circle.  I remember attending these meetings as an intern and being fascinated about all the facets of an agency. As part of the program, we have an Orientation Series and Fireside chats. During the Orientation Series, Yes& departments put on presentations to provide the interns insight into the work they do and offer opportunities for collaboration. The Fireside Chats are a time for interns to meet team members on our leadership team, hear their stories, and ask  questions. 



Overall, three days out of the week are pretty meeting heavy days. The rest of the week,  I am heads down in my work. I monitor the HR inbox throughout the week, assisting team members with any questions or requests that come through. To wrap up each day, I jot down notes to prepare for the next. It’s been a rewarding journey starting at Yes& as an intern and continuing my career as a full-time employee, who now gets to walk others through the onboarding process.  

If you are looking for a chance to intern in a marketing agency environment, I encourage you to keep an eye out for our next program opening and apply on the Yes& careers page.






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Casey Dillon