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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Gain 2023


Government Marketing University’s Grow, Accelerate, Innovate, Network (GAIN) Conference is the premier conference for government marketers, bringing together the brightest minds and fastest growing brands in the government marketplace. No matter what role you play in the government marketing world, the reasons to attend are innumerable, but it can’t hurt to highlight a few! Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should be planning to join us at the Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner on October 17th, 2023.


#1: Learn how to embrace and harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) as the next generation of government marketers emerges.

AI is one of the hottest topics of 2023 and it is quickly ushering in the next generation of marketers who are embracing change and reaping the benefits of applying AI-powered technologies to their work. At GAIN this year, Paul Roetzer, Marketing AI Institute founder and CEO, will lay out what AI is and why it matters to you as a government marketer, how generative AI is transforming marketing, how to identify AI use cases, and so much more. The future of our industry is marketer + machine. You do not want to miss Paul’s insights!


#2: Learn how to become a next-gen government marketer.

The next generation of marketers will not be considered “next-gen” because of age, but because of the willingness to embrace innovation in order to keep pace with the rapidly evolving government marketing landscape. At GAIN 2023, you’ll hear insights from marketers who have taken the initiative to understand, pilot, and scale the most cutting-edge technologies and learn how to join them in transforming your career, organization, and industry.


#3: Break through the noise of industry buzzwords and gain a deep understanding of the emerging technologies government customers are looking for.

Government agencies are increasingly embracing emerging technologies to enhance citizen service delivery and drive innovation. To be successful in reaching them, government marketers must possess an understanding of these emerging technologies beyond high-level buzzwords. This year at GAIN you will learn how to navigate the digital government landscape and help agencies achieve their goals around areas such as IT modernization, Zero Trust, cloud, and AI, while still adhering to mandates and fostering public trust.


#4: Ensure your demand generation programs are reaching your target audience to maximize campaign effectiveness.

As you adapt to an increasingly complex sales environment as a government marketer, your marketing budgets often don’t evolve with you. It’s crucial to evolve your strategies to meet changing expectations and KPIs while maximizing the impact of your budget dollars. At this year’s conference, you will learn winning tactics for identifying and nurturing marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) that have the potential to evolve into sales-qualified leads (SQLs), while supercharging your marketing campaigns!


#5: Gain a deeper understanding of the federal acquisition and procurement process.

Part of what makes government marketing so challenging is the fact that the federal acquisition process for technology products and services is much slower and more arduous than the typical business-to-business acquisition process. As a government marketer, it’s important to understand what’s happening at each stage of the federal buying journey and how your marketing investments can help move the sale forward at every step. At GAIN 2023, government executives and government marketing all-stars will share their insights to help you determine the right actions to take at each stage of the buyer journey.


#6: Create an effective digital media strategy with the help of Market Connections.

Back by popular demand, at GAIN 2023, Aaron Heffron, President of Insights and Research at Market Connections will share the results of this year’s Marketing for the Public Sector (M4PS) Media Study. The insights from this annual study are invaluable in helping government marketers understand how the government uses digital media, ensuring that your digital media strategy is reaching the right target audience, learning which media properties government respondents prefer, and so much more.


#7: Squash the misunderstandings between government and corporate marketers.

The misunderstandings between government marketers and corporate marketing colleagues are one of the biggest hindrances to gaining respect and helping one another achieve common goals. Throughout the day at GAIN, there will be four different vignettes presented, each highlighting an important aspect of the average government marketer’s daily activities. These vignettes will be led by seasoned government marketers who have found success in engaging with their corporate marketing counterparts and will leave you with the “fodder” you need to foster understanding and respect the next time you feel that the corporate marketers in your circle have the wrong impression.


#8: Learn how to wear many different hats and wear them well!

Government marketers are often required to juggle multiple different roles and responsibilities effectively. This year at GAIN, a panel of esteemed government marketing pros will share their advice for combining time management, adaptability, communication, and self-care to become successful as a marketing juggler and avoid feeling burnt out by the demands of our industry.


#9: Receive fast, actionable tips for accelerating your 2024 government marketing plan. 

While each session at GAIN 2023 will paint a unique picture of what it looks like to achieve government marketing success, some of the most impactful changes you can make to your government marketing campaign plan can be implemented immediately! This year, Founder and CEO of Government Marketing University, Lou Anne Brossman, will share her quick tips for accelerating your marketing plan including how to understand the buying habits of different government marketing personas, what government sites to visit to receive insights into your prospects and their missions, how to expedite your success with Public Affairs Officers, and much more.


#10: Make lasting connections with your fellow government marketers – lift others up as you rise toward your common goals.

Most importantly, GAIN is all about making lasting connections with your fellow government marketers, sharing your experiences with one another, and lifting each other as you rise toward your shared goals. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking at this year’s conference, so bring lots of business cards, come with an open mind, and be ready to find your government marketing people!


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