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Spring Renewal

Robert W. Sprague

On March 13, 2020, we left the office for a “test” day to see if Yes& could work remotely during a COVID-related shutdown. We have not yet come back. 

Now, more than two years later, infections are finally down (at least in the U.S.), temperatures and daffodils are up, and we’re feeling a sense of renewal and rebirth at Yes&.

What can a springlike optimism inspire for you? 


Very few of the relationships between organizations and their customers or stakeholders have been left untouched by two years of pandemic. There’s no question your market has changed—perhaps it is time for a look at your brand and its relevance. Such initiatives can be as limited as a refresh of key language or as extensive as a top-to-bottom data- and research-driven change of brand architecture, visual identity, and name.  


Your employees are coming back to the office. Or are they? You can expect a profound shift in the way they engage, both physically in terms of schedule and workspace, and mentally in terms of commitment. Two years of Gen Z graduates have never worked in an office environment. The time may be ripe to overhaul your approach to internal communications, and build a strategy around a new—and inevitably hybrid—set of channels and cadences. 

Recruiting and Retention.

Traditional means of finding and keeping quality staff are failing just when you need them the most. Post-pandemic workers are searching for purpose and authenticity as they become free agents in a seller’s market. It’s urgent to make sure your employer brand is working—and that you are working with the most powerful and up to date digital analytics as you search for the talent you need. 


Spring is the traditional time for cleaning out, and some of us are cleaning out offices unused in the past two years. Consider whether your advertising, public relations, or events need a “spring cleaning” too—to get rid of elements that have outlived their usefulness, and make room for fresh new ideas and approaches. 

For even more inspiration, check out our latest Insights for some springlike thoughts from our team:


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Robert W. Sprague
Robert W. Sprague
President & CEO

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Alexandra LaCroix

Launching a higher education website is hard work—in part, because of the vast number of people it needs to support. When designing a refreshed digital presence for a higher education institution, there are various audiences to consider, from the staff spanning departments to students and alumni, and the prospective students and families who may be exploring options. Each audience has a unique interest in the website focused on their individual intentions and needs. The work P’unk Avenue (now part of Yes&) accomplished with Daytona State College’s website is a prime example of how taking a student-centric approach to your website can address the needs of a shifting audience in the higher education space. Anthony Robinson, Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy for Yes&, has years of experience serving clients, particularly in Higher Ed and was a pivotal player on the Daytona website redesign project. “When working with an institute that has a strong continuing education program, it’s crucial that the messaging focuses not solely on prospective high-school graduate students and considers all prospect students. Whether that is people looking for certification courses or parents returning to continue their education, it requires hard work to truly understand your audience and be conscious of the people who are actually partaking in your university’s courses,” Anthony explained. Daytona State College has provided some of the most accessible and affordable academic programs in the South and the state of Florida for the past 60 years, with a long history as a college credit, adult education, and vocational school. They have an authentic story to tell about their approach to “finding your path.”

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Lara Mandell

It’s simple, really. To ensure your company's success, you want to hire and retain the best people. The clients will quickly follow. Upcoming college graduations offer one of the best ways to build a solid talent pipeline from the bottom up. Companies have the opportunity to hire high potential college interns and recent graduates who provide new and fresh ideas that will help the company grow and improve. By partnering with colleges, companies can inspire the next generation of professionals while staying engaged and up to date on marketing trends. Bringing in college students allows companies to develop early talent that can become the next leaders of their organizations. At Yes&, we are constantly looking for new talent—and some of the most innovative ideas come from our Yes&terns. We continuously strive to deliver the best quality of work for our clients and look for team members who are both skilled and passionate about the work. Our internship program is selective, pulling from top area marketing programs. Our Yes&ternship program allows interns to get a glimpse of what working at a marketing agency is like—so that before they accept an entry level role, they know it is the right fit for them. The program is structured so that interns spend equal time learning and working. The program offers internship classes where students have the opportunity to learn from employees throughout the agency, participate in a course of study, and contribute their ideas to different projects. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide interns with an experience that encourages them to want to work for Yes& after they graduate. At the end of the program, interns have the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned at Yes& or talk about a significant project. By going back and reflecting on what they have done during their time at Yes&, interns have the chance to understand what they have learned during their time at the agency. Not only are these presentations one of our interns’ favorite parts of the program, but they are also exciting for their mentors and executive committee to witness.

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Lara Mandell

A new generation has arrived, and it’s time to welcome them into the workplace. They’re socially conscious, creative, want their voices to be heard, and love a good bargain. If you haven’t guessed it by now, we’re talking about Gen Z. Associations are beginning to shift their focus to targeting members of Gen Z. Members of Gen Z are finishing up their time in higher education. Now they’re beginning to enter their careers and explore the different paths they can take. They are searching for the best learning opportunities, the best networking, and the strongest professional development path. As associations are scrambling to connect with the next generation of members, they should consider the unique perspectives Gen Z can bring to the workplace. Associations can accomplish this by partnering with colleges to activate the next generation of members while they are finishing their time in higher education. Offer career development and learning opportunities. It’s time to bring Gen Z into the fold. Associations can learn from this generation by inviting them to participate in the conversation while they are still in college and share their voices regarding what matters to them. By offering internship programs and partnering with students in higher education, you can provide mentorship for the next generation, while also working towards building a pipeline of potential members. Be authentic. Gen Z wants to be part of an organization, or a community rather, with shared values. They are loyal to their beliefs and can easily detect if you aren’t being true to your organization's mission. They value advocacy and activism, and aren’t afraid to hold organizations accountable if they aren’t upholding their beliefs. Take advantage of social media. Gen Z’s virtual content consumption and creation is unlike other generations. Associations can use social media as a resource for Gen Z to find information quickly about the company culture, recent news, and available internships and full-time positions. Start by exploring and getting involved in new channels and testing out different marketing tactics to reach and engage Gen Z. Gen Z can help fill in gaps of learning, networking, and connections that many have lost due to the pandemic. Gen Z is ready to have their voices be heard—and it is an opportunity your association does not want to miss.

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Yes& (formerly Beyond Definition) was recently named a Merit Winner by SPD for its 57th Annual Winners List. Yes& is proud to be recognized by the prestigious competition for its design of the “Chew on This” feature opener in the October 2021 issue of NACS Magazine.