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Advertising Awards Yes& Didn't Win

Robert W. Sprague
Yes& was honored to receive 21 industry awards in April, including ADDY Division 2, Communicator, Hermes, Healthcare Marketing, MUSE, and Blue Pencil & Gold Screen awards.  But have you ever heard of the Pharmmys? The Alexars? Here are some of the advertising and marketing industry awards Yes& has not won… yet.

The Spammies

The world’s premier prize for junk email, judged by an elite panel of Nigerian princes.

The Pharmmys

Awarded to the year’s longest and most off-putting disclaimers in advertising, including those warning of side effects such as “greasy oily discharge.”

The Pelo Tonys

Honoring the biggest unanticipated backlash from broadcast television; recent winners also include Pepsi and Nivea.

The Alexars

The best digital marketing for something you mentioned at dinner last night.

The Grammarys

Honoring misuse of punctuation in advertising. Categories include “unnecessary” quotes, misplaced apostrophe’s, and excessive exclamation points!!!

The Palme D’ignore

Recognizing campaigns that had absolutely nothing to do with the approved creative brief.

The Lucent Prize

The most prestigious award for logo designs derived from coffee stains.

The Up Tonys

Recognizing ad campaigns using fit, healthy people to sell something that will make you neither healthy nor fit.

The Frankys

Presented to the year’s most notable examples of ad campaigns that combine the worst of two creative concepts.

The No Spell Prize

Awarded for the year’s most outrageous advertising typos.

The Awards

Honor achievement in the development of the most attention-grabbing URLs.


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Robert W. Sprague
Robert W. Sprague
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