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Optimizing Virtual Recruiting in Government

Veronica Oleynik

Across the government and the private sector, social distancing and the COVID-19 pandemic is preventing in-person recruiting events and pushing employers and jobseekers towards virtual events and online opportunities for the foreseeable future. What does your agency need to creatively do, to remain relevant, attractive and competitive in the job market?

Going virtual is essential for your federal agency to remain relevant and competitive in the job market.

With early career and seasoned professionals spending more time online, employers who want
to advance recruiting are adopting digital recruiting and conferencing. It’s smart, cost-effective,
and convenient for both employers and job seekers, short- and long-term.

Agencies can use virtual outreach tools to be more effective in reaching soon-to-be graduates
before they get recruited by others.

You no longer have to wait for a job fair or to hear back from university recruiters, who may be pushing their students towards the private sector instead of the government. The right virtual tools allow you to compete with private sector companies for the best prospects.

It’s a competitive advantage. The benefits for your federal agency are many! Reaching candidates before they apply is a critical opportunity you should not miss.

  • Cuts costs and time for travel and in-person event logistics.
  • Expands reach and availability across platforms, time zones, and geography.
  • Maximizes use of recruiter, university, employee, and social media networks.
  • Allows matching candidates for desired qualified applicants pools using AI2.
  • Attracts quality and diversity in candidates.
  • Boosts your agency’s employer brand, showcasing and advertising agency culture.
  • Streamlines processes for registration, ranking resumes, interviews and follow-up.
  • Optimizes interactions with candidates and information accessibility
To find out about additional outreach and engagement strategies for virtual recruitment in Government download our white paper.

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Veronica Oleynik