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How Brands Can Communicate Giving Back in an Authentic Way

Alexandra LaCroix

Have you ever donated or volunteered but felt awkward about telling people or maybe even hesitated to post about it on your social networks? We’ve all been there –maybe it feels…too self-promotional?

On the flip side, think of all the times you have seen or heard about someone else doing good in their community and felt inspired to get involved. What better way to spread philanthropy programs and volunteer opportunities than through word-of-mouth and sharing on social feeds?

It may seem particularly difficult for a business to authentically communicate their philanthropy programs without coming off as “braggy” or fake. But you shouldn’t let this fear stop your organization from sharing. Marketing is extremely important, even for corporate philanthropy programs. For a program focused on “giving back” to thrive, people need to hear about it and companies need to communicate about the good they are doing.

So, how can organizations effectively communicate what they are doing to give back? Here are some tips:

  1. Give time, energy, and creativity – not just money

    Sure, financial contributions are great, but think outside of the box on ways you can make a bigger and more genuine difference: give employees volunteer hours, host philanthropic events, provide services pro bono…

  2. Have an engaging social strategy
    Social media can be one of the most powerful connections between your organization and your audience. Engage your community and create a conversation rather than just broadcasting information.

  3. Ignite passion from an employee level
    Get employees excited and involved in communicating your company’s volunteerism. Encourage your team to share ideas on social media, share with friends and family, and contribute on an individual level.

Don’t be afraid to be loud and proud when marketing your company’s philanthropic campaigns. Be both genuine and engaging, while still strategically communicating with your audience, just like you would any other marketing campaign. You got this!

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Alexandra LaCroix
Alexandra LaCroix
Business Development Account Executive

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