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Federal Advisory Boards | An Extension of Your Leadership Team

Every company in the Federal IT space wants that competitive edge. Imagine extending your leadership team by engaging a dedicated group of former government IT executives with decades of experience. These advisers not only provide strategic direction but also share advice on planning, opportunities, and capture management.

Carmel McDonagh

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7 Lessons From AdWeek DC 2019

    It’s hard to get out of the office—but it’s worthwhile to attend industry events and other opportunities for continuing education in our rapidly evolving field. That’s why six Yes& staff members and I attended the sessions on October 3 at the Ronald Reagan Building.

Robert Sprague

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Branding Healthcare in the Age of Consumerism

Healthcare branding has long been challenging. It’s hard to posit distinctive differentiators in an abundance of markets: how many ways can you evoke quality, innovation, or compassion? Now, branding is complicated by a seismic shift in consumer perspective.

Anna-Marie Montague

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The Fragility of Agility

Something happens when an agency’s staff grows past an even dozen.  Up to that size, everyone is able to know everything, all the time.  One leader/proprietor can manage by fiat. The agency is “agile” by default.  But also limited in its ability to handle large or complex accounts.

Robert Sprague

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HEAR Congo Foundation

HEAR Congo Foundation, an organization with offices in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Miami, Florida, has been recognized by the UN Foundation for Women & Girls, for its daring program to help Congolese girls find economic opportunity. GreenSmith PR is honored to bring such a life-changing client to Yes&.

Mike Smith

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Yes& to Sponsor ADWKDC 2019

As the fourth-largest ad agency in the Washington, D.C region, Yes& has signed on as a sponsor of this year’s event, entitled “The Ripple Effect.”

Robert Sprague

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Yes& Produces 2019 Annual Meeting for ASAE Columbus

Six thousand association professionals, CEOs, and industry partners gathered in Columbus, Ohio in August for ASAE’s 2019 Annual Meeting and Exposition. Once again, as it has every year since 2005, Yes& produced a highly successful series of general sessions.

Robert Sprague

Yes& News Creative

Yes& Gains Two Creative Experts

Yes& is excited to announce a couple of fantastic additions to our creative team! Associate Creative Directors: Giuseppe Carabelli & David G. Stone.

Sarah Luzietti

Yes& News Public Relations

NFWF Marine Conservation

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation supports endangered species conservation with a Killer Whale Conservation Fund. Yes& and its PR team will handle special events, grant announcements, and on-site visits for reporters to killer whale breeding habitat in the Pacific Northwest. The NFWF Killer Whale Research Conservation program is supported by NOAA, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Sea World, and Shell.

Mike Smith

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GreenSmith PR Joins the Yes& Team

Yes& is delighted to announce the acquisition of GreenSmith Public Relations as of September 1, 2019.

Robert Sprague


1 Million Views & Counting

 “A picture is worth a thousand words,” or so the saying goes. So, exactly how many words can we attribute to a video 1 minute in length? I’m sure there’s someone willing to do the math out there, but I think we can safely guess that it’s somewhere in the millions. And when you consider growing populations and dwindling attention spans, that’s a medium with a pretty powerful impact.

Sarah Luzietti

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Why Brand Stories Matter More Than Ever For Associations

  These days, there’s nothing “usual” about business, just ask Max Entman, head of the Association practice at Yes&.

Sarah Luzietti

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