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What is PAM? And Why Does Telework Make Government Agencies Need It Even More?

The rapid transition to telework due to the COVID-19 outbreak caused many government information technology managers to rethink how to secure agency networks.

Rutrell Yasin

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9 Tips for a Successful Virtual Award Ceremony Part 1

Don’t know where to start when moving an in-person awards ceremony to a virtual setting? Consider this first half of our two-part series, concentrating on tips that will help pivot your awards ceremony to a virtual format.

Kay Logan


‘Tis the (Government Buying) Season

Whether your organization is a multi-billion-dollar systems integrator or small, niche player, identifying ways to get in front of government decision-makers during the busy buying season is important as RFPs and contracts start to fly out agency doors. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

A.J. Guenther

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Getting the Most from Zoom’s Breakout Room Feature

Tired of fighting the limitations of virtual event platforms? Check out some tips for breakout rooms that work.

Jenny Muchnikoff

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22 Tips from the Trenches: What We've Learned From the Shift to All-Virtual Events

A few months ago, in the wake of the pandemic, the entire meetings and events market became fully virtual, a remarkable shift that happened almost overnight. Rather than cancel or postpone, many Yes& clients decided to give virtual events a shot—and now they’re glad they did.

Layla Masri

Public Relations B2G

Making a PR Splash for Marine Environmental Protection

Marine species are being trapped and entangled by derelict fishing gear, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) has granted over $1M for scuba divers to remove it to protect U.S. coastlines. Yes& has been working on behalf of NFWF to bring televised media coverage to the Gulf Coast, which resulted in NFWF being recognized with a prestigious Hermes award.

Caitlin Bowman

Marketing & PR Public Relations B2G

Why Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Activism are Important for Your B2B Brand

B2C brands aren’t the only ones expected to tackle Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Learn how consumer views on CSR are changing and what it means for B2B suppliers.

Alfred Warren

Creative B2G Announcement

Yes& Helps Akima Win Prestigious Hermes Creative Award

Akima and Yes& were honored with Platinum at the 14th Annual Hermes Creative Awards.

Kay Logan

B2G Announcement

AFCEA DC Rocks STEM Scholarships with Virtual Events

COVID-19 significantly disrupted the operations of organizations across the globe, and one industry hit extremely hard was the association community.

E.V. Dundon

Case Studies B2G Announcement

Yes& Raises Visibility for Tableau

Tableau is a Seattle-based data-visualization software company that hired Connelly Works – now Yes& - in 2018 to expand Tableau’s content strategy in the federal sector.

Lisa Daniel


Yes& Launches 2019 "Voices of Safety" Campaign for our USDOT FMCSA Client

Yes&, together with our partner Stratacomm, is pleased to have launched the new 2019 campaign "Voices of Safety" for our USDOT, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) client.

Jo Joslin


Tools of the PR Trade: Six Tips for More Effective B2G Interviews

Talking with a reporter can be daunting, but it’s a good opportunity to share your expertise and position your company as a thought leader in the B2G space. In this article you will be set up for success with these 6 tips for the most effective interview.

John Monroe

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