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Branding Virtual Events Announcement

7 Lessons From AdWeek DC 2019

It’s hard to get out of the office—but it’s worthwhile to attend industry events and other opportunities for continuing education in our rapidly evolving field. That’s why six Yes& staff members and I attended the sessions on October 3 at the Ronald Reagan Building.

Robert Sprague

Branding Healthcare Announcement

Branding Healthcare in the Age of Consumerism

Healthcare branding has long been challenging. It’s hard to posit distinctive differentiators in an abundance of markets: how many ways can you evoke quality, innovation, or compassion? Now, branding is complicated by a seismic shift in consumer perspective.

Anna-Marie Montague

Branding Digital

Your Brand is More Than the Sum of its Parts

The following article is based on a chapter from “The Agile Brand” by Greg Kihlström, now available on Amazon and iTunes.

Greg Kihlström

Branding Digital

The Agile Brand

The following article is based on “The Agile Brand” by Yes& SVP Greg Kihlström, now available on Amazon and iTunes.

Greg Kihlström


Messaging as Storytelling: Unleash Your Brand

When I started my career as a reporter in the federal IT industry, I often struggled to find an angle that would bring a story alive.

John Monroe


3 Measures of a Successful Brand

In this article, we’re going to look at this from a different perspective. Let’s discuss the following 3 measures of the success of a brand:

Greg Kihlström


The 4 Dimensions of Brands and Branding

While some fundamentals never change, it’s important to understand how brands and branding have evolved in the eyes of both marketers and their audiences over the years.

Greg Kihlström


Considering the Customer Experience

Think about your favorite product, store, or service. Now think about what caused your initial awareness and attraction to it. Did you discover it through a need or a want? Why did you ultimately make a purchase? Are you an advocate for it?

Sara Rassi


You Need Images! Is it Time for a Photo Shoot?

When making a decision, I’ve always been a fan of the pro-con list.



Reading, Writing, and Rhythm

Some thoughts on making your writing go with the flow.

Robert W. Sprague

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