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Yes& Produces 2019 Annual Meeting for ASAE Columbus

Six thousand association professionals, CEOs, and industry partners gathered in Columbus, Ohio in August for ASAE’s 2019 Annual Meeting and Exposition. Once again, as it has every year since 2005, Yes& produced a highly successful series of general sessions.

Robert Sprague

Virtual Events

AMA DC Inside Edition | Greg Kihlström, Yes& SVP Digital

On February 26th at this year's AMA DC Event, Greg Kihlstrom, Yes& SVP Digital, will discuss how brands who embrace agility and a nimble relationship with their customers are successful in a world of continual change. Here’s an inside look on Greg Kihlstrom:

Jo Joslin

Virtual Events

How to Kick Off Your General Session in Style

In the immortal words of Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” True in baseball, certainly, and in most things. However, when it comes to events, an opposite aphorism may be more apropos: “It starts before it starts.”

Josh Golden

Virtual Events

Music: The Unsung Hero of an Event

As the producer of countless general sessions for large-scale conventions, annual meetings, and events for corporate and association clients for more than 25 years, I’ve had many opportunities to observe what show elements make the most difference.

Scott Babcock

Virtual Events

11 Tips for Creating a Captivating Big Screen Presentation

How do you design a big screen presentation that doesn't just engage, but captivates your audience? Here are a few tips. Your meeting is quickly approaching and you’ve been tasked to design and deliver an engaging, effective presentation on behalf of your company or organization.

Scott Babcock

Virtual Events

5 Reasons Why it May Be Time to Find a New Event Production Company

As a meeting planner, you oversee lots of events for your association or company. The partner that you’ve been using for event production has been doing a perfectly fine job for several years. Deadlines are met, reasonably good work is produced, and most of your requests are fulfilled. You have no complaints from your event clients,

Hal Schild

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