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Yes& Adds Organizational Growth and Development Expert to its Leadership Team

Sarah Shirck Will Expand the Agency’s Portfolio of Capabilities ALEXANDRIA, VA (September 28, 2023) – Yes& has announced the appointment of Sarah Shirck as Senior Vice President of Organizational Growth and Development. In her new role, Shirck will lead process improvement for the agency and establish a new organizational transformation and executive development practice for the benefit of Yes& clients.


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Yes& at the 2023 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exhibition

large stage productions need creative and exceptionally well-managed sessions. If you have ever worked in events, you understand how much planning, work, budget, and staff it takes to deliver a multi-day conference for hundreds, or even thousands, of attendees. The ASAE Annual Meeting & Exhibition is no different. It brings together 5,000+ association professionals for three days of learning through general and focused sessions, as well as networking in the exhibit hall. The critical behind-the-scenes production and creative execution for all elements on the main stage is work that ASAE entrusts in Yes&. ASAE counts on Yes& to execute this event work flawlessly because they know we understand the purpose of the event – it’s not just about the show, it’s about the value to the attendee. Behind the main stage curtain, a meticulously orchestrated symphony of preparation and coordination takes place to ensure the ASAE Annual Meeting’s success. Working alongside Yes& for 18 consecutive years gives ASAE peace of mind that each day of the meeting will run smoothly. Because of this trusted partnership, ASAE can concentrate on the mission of the Annual Meeting, focus on member engagement, and help ensure the value of presentations, without stressing over technical hiccups or logistics distracting attendees from the content on stage. With the right planning and execution, attendees won’t even think about the team behind the stage delivering this experience, which is ultimately a success in itself! Here’s an insider scoop behind-the-scenes of this year’s 2023 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exhibition ...


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Ask Daisy: Putting the “Chat” in Chatbots

elevating business experiences with human-like a.i. Daisy is back! Daisy is an A.I. enthusiast and explorer, and the writer of our A.I. blog series. She’s our guide through this exciting time. Whatever your organization or position, whether you’re an early or late adopter, Daisy will help you understand this massive shift.

Nathan Wallace

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Content Strategists

To connect with audiences in crowded (and increasingly noisy) markets, professionals rely on strategic custom content.

John Pulley

Yes& General Announcement

Yes& Appoints Josh Golden as President and Chief Creative Officer

Agency promotes 15-year company executive to lead the organization into the future


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Ask Daisy: The A.I. Revolution in the World of Design

Introducing the latest hire at Yes&, Daisy. Daisy is an A.I. enthusiast and explorer, and the writer of our new A.I. blog series. She’s our guide through this exciting time. Whatever your organization or position, whether you’re an early or late adopter, Daisy will help you understand this massive shift.

Evangeline Weber

Yes& General Announcement

Robb Lee Joins Yes&

Noted Strategy Executive Will Lead Integration of Services at #2 Greater DC Area Ad Agency WASHINGTON (August 3, 2023) – Robb Lee will join rapidly growing brand marketing agency Yes& as its Senior Vice President, Integrated Services, the company announced today. Lee will also serve on the Yes& Executive Team.


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Leveraging the Power of Influencer Marketing in Any Industry

Using social media influencers as a key marketing lever is here to stay.

Antonya Asante

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Improve Your Marketing Aim: Why Research Matters

When first discussing a new marketing opportunity with clients, there are some thingswe strategistshear often. One challenge is that budget, timing, or other factorsdon’t always allow for as much research as everyone would like, so the conversation goes something like “We know the problem and our audience. Let’s just jump into [insert project here].”

Hillary Leersnyder

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SCOTUS dual decisions offers a critical opportunity for institutions to re-examine their messaging and marketing

The Supreme Court decisions on affirmative action and student debt relief have garnered a tremendous amount of press coverage, and for good reason. But the coverage is reinforcing the negative perceptions about higher education that have been festering for the last few years.

Yes& Lipman Hearne

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To Help People with ALS, Yes& Gets Personal

Two years ago, the ALS Association asked Yes& to develop a web-based tool that would deliver appropriate resources to people with ALS during every stage of the disease’s progression. The project that ensued, My ALS Journey, launched in May 2023 during ALS Awareness Month. The Yes& team sought to create a tool that would help a broad range of users. For that to happen, it would need to be easily accessible and provide a highly personalized user experience. Personalization The ALS Association is the world’s largest funder of ALS research. The association advocates for better policies, drives awareness of the ALS community among the general population, and inspires hope for a future without ALS. “ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. There is no cure for ALS yet.”

Jackie Pysarchuk

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A Day In The Life: Agency Woman Coming Your Way

Every day is a chance to start fresh, to do our best work, learn something new, and create meaningful moments for ourselves and the people around us. My intent is to do this as much as possible. Life is short. I might as well make it worthwhile. 

Claudia Barac-Roth

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